You step into a medical facility, but not as a health care professional this time. 


Instead, you're checking in as a patient, in an environment that is completely different from your usual "normal". 

The people are different.

The location is different.

The language is different.

You are in need of care, but you find yourself questioning if the people who are assigned to care for you will truly understand your unique needs, provide the correct diagnosis, and empathize in a way that will set your mind at ease.

Our job as health care providers, is to empower ourselves with the knowledge, skills, and information we need, in order to provide the best care, diagnosis, and proper treatments for every patient.

The only way to do this, is through

This same scenario is what prevents over 1/3 of Americans who are in need of medical care to not seek treatment.

Cultural competency is rooted in ongoing self-examination and includes being mindful of how a person’s assumptions and thinking can be biased or prejudiced. It requires a deep exploration of how one’s culture impacts a person’s mindset, beliefs and actions towards people of all cultural groups. This ongoing process enables professionals to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.

Yet, no one can be 100 percent culturally competent. 

The process is never final because culture is ever changing.

So what is Cultural Competency?

The delivery of healthcare without cultural competency has serious consequences. The lack of cultural competency in the United States can lead to:

Unequal treatment
Care-based ethnic, gender, racial or religious biases and hierarchies
Patients’ misunderstanding of treatment plans and ability to adhere to them
Inaccurate diagnoses
Language and communication barriers
Inaccurate and over medication
Patient dissatisfaction

With 195 different countries in the world, and 1'000s of different cultures, becoming a CULTURAL COMPETENT health care provider doesn't have to feel confusing or impossible. 

There's a proven method to becoming cultural competent, and I'm here to show you how!

Hi, I'm Dr. Elisa P. Bell

I'm on a mission to provide equitable solutions to the many societal problems we are facing today, especially in the area of health care.

Educating healthcare workers, educators and other first
responders about the importance of Cultural Competency is the best way to heal health and racial disparities. 

I believe that Cultural Competency empowerment will help decrease the disparity in healthcare among people of diverse, ethnic and racial/cultural backgrounds, as well as reduce conflicts in the workplace.

Are you ready to create a better future of
health care for all?

It's my pleasure to support you! 

Choose a path below and let's start your journey!

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